Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

Product DescriptionHigh precision laser cutter machines for metal cuttingTechnical ParametersModelWG-3015WG-4015WG-4020WG-6015WG-6020WG-6025Processing range3000*1500mm4000*1500mm4000*2000mm6000*1500mm6000*2000mm6000*2500X axis travel3000mm4000mm4000mm6000mm6000mm6000mmY axis travel1500mm1500mm2000mm1500mm2000mm2500mmZ axis trave

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Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

Product Description

High precision laser cutter machines for metal cutting

Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
Technical Parameters
Processing range3000*1500mm4000*1500mm4000*2000mm6000*1500mm6000*2000mm6000*2500
X axis travel3000mm4000mm4000mm6000mm6000mm6000mm
Y axis travel1500mm1500mm2000mm1500mm2000mm2500mm
Z axis travel120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm
X/Y axis positioning accuracy≤±0.03mm/m≤±0.03mm/m≤±0.03mm/m≤±0.03mm/m≤±0.03mm/m≤±0.03mm/m
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy≤±0.02mm/m≤±0.02mm/m≤±0.02mm/m≤±0.02mm/m≤±0.02mm/m≤±0.02mm/m
Maximum positioning speed120m/min120m/min120m/min120m/min120m/min120m/min
1.Stability and reliability of light path system and control system.
2.Imported original germany fiber lasers,high and stable function,lifespan is over 100000 hours.
3.Higher cutting quality and efficiency,cutting speed is up to 60m/min with appearance and beautiful cutting edge.
4France high performance reducer,Taiwan gear and rack;Japanese fiji or yaskawa servo motor and driver.
Machine Produce technicial point:
1.High strength machine tool have relieved the internal stress through aging annealing treatment to 2.ensure a long-term stability
and accuracy.
3.Double drive design,high precision rack gear and guide rail
4.The grantry adopts the cast aluminum ,cast beaming,reduce the weight of machine to run more smooth.
5.Movable handle control with convenient operation
6.Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distoration
7.Receiving system is convenient for collecting the material
8.Dedicated software enables graphic or test to instantly designed or processed
Fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet cutting
Detailed Photos
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
Fiber Laser
Use Germany IPG fiber lasers or Raycus laser,with better performance,ultra-low noise,high stability and ultra-long lifetime for 100,000 hours.
Laser cutting head
Use Swiss Raytools laser head
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
Taiwan HIWIN linear guide
High design precision, easy installation, high hardness, strong overload capacity, low noise and smooth movement.
Japan Panasonic servo motor
High-precision servo motor can control the cutting speed and position, running smoothly, with low speed and no vibration.
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
French Schneider Electric
Super stability
Our Advantages
Machine bed
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
1. The bed adopts steel plate welding, pin welding method and secondary welding to ensure the stability of the bed. 2. The whole bed is tempered to prevent deformation and increase strength. 3. The bed is processed by large-scale CNC gantry milling machine, which improves the shock resistance and stability.
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
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Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale
Best Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

1-What can it cut?  How thick can it cut at most?
-Laser machine for metal usually deal with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and alloy. The maximum thickness is different between different models and materials. Please check in the product introduction page.

2-How long is the warranty?
-We offer 3-year warranty.

3-Can I have a direction?
-Yes, we provide free training for customers.  

4-Can I have an installment plan?
-Please negotiate with your sales manager about payment issues.

5-Do you have engineer to teach me/my workers?
-Yes, we offer free training for each customer. We promise to help until everything gets right.


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