K-12 Robotics Center | University of Nevada, Reno | University of Nevada, Reno

2021-11-26 07:32:46 By : Ms. Abby Xiao

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This unique robotic education and competition facility inspires innovative teaching and outreach activities for use by student robotics teams in the community.

Welcome to the new K-12 Robotics Center | University of Nevada, Reno. The vision of the center is to encourage young students to be interested in robotics, computer science, engineering, and automation, and to create a pathway for obtaining degrees and careers.

The historic Southside Studio’s newly renovated and inspiring space accommodates

The K-12 Robot Center is located on the second floor of Southside Studio at 190 Liberty Street in downtown Reno, across the street from the Innovation Center. The center is supported by Tesla and the Western Nevada Economic Development Authority (EDAWN) in cooperation with the university. Learn more about the Robotics Center and how it will contribute to university development and other aspects.

K-12 Robot Center reservation request

The space provides half of the FIRST Robotics Competition field, where there is enough space to arrange the FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenges or VEX field.

The woodworking workshop is located in the K-12 Robot Center, an extension of the innovation center's maker space, with various woodworking equipment including CNC routers, table saws and desktop computers. Safety and equipment certification follow the same procedures used in Makerspace. The business hours of the woodworking workshop are usually from Wednesday to Saturday, 12:30-5 pm

Due to noise restrictions, the wood workshop will be closed during the event. Please book in advance to ensure space is available for your project!

The Innovation Center provides additional Makerspace equipment.